April 26, 2012 Diary Entry


    I have received a few more baking tips from my brother Brennan in Vermont.  My bread has been coming out of the oven white as a sheet instead of the golden brown that I was expecting.  I thought that brushing them with oil or butter was the answer, unfortunately that was not the correct assumption and they turned out looking like an asteroid that flew through Earth’s atmosphere and landed in a cornfield.  It turns out that steam is key to a nicely browned loaf of bread.  A spray of water (mist) and a water soaked towel wrapped around the door plug will provide the steam necessary to make it happen.  I will put this to the test at 1:00pm today.  With the oven being one hundred percent complete and insulated everything should come out perfectly.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

    The old winter quarters are holding up well, and continue to provide me with good shelter from the recent rain and cold.  Some rain is predicted for today but none yet.

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