April 28, 2012 Journal Entry

April 28, 2012

Got up at 6am and lit the ovens for the first baking of the day, still not a morning person, but do the best I can. Was met by Karl DePaulis, who has volunteered to assist me in my endeavor to bake edible bread and not embarass myself too much in the process; was also joined by a reporter from the Patriot News who remained with us throughout the morning to document the high drama unfolding in the daily life of this Curator/Soldier/Baker. The days’ baking went extremely well and I managed to pull 47 finely baked loaves of fresh bread from the oven. I never realized just how tiring it would be baking all day long from the wee hours til nearly dusk. I’m afraid that I have been a poor host to the 42nd Mississippi, encamped here for the weekend. Spraying the baking chambers with a mist from a spray bottle and covering the door plugs with soaking wet towels (facing the inside of the chamber) helped create steam that assists in the baking and gives the bread a nice brown color. The goal for tomorrow is 60 loaves. Wish me luck. I met many very nice and supportive people today who stopped by to see how the baking was going…my thanks to all of them. Also my thanks to the members of the 42nd Mississippi Company F, who have their encampment at the museum this weekend; they have been very interested and kind even though I am a Yankee!

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