April 29, 2012 Journal Entry

April 29, 2012

Awoke to a perfectly sunny day and got right to work. I fired up the oven and removed the dough prepared yesterday from the refridge so that it could warm up and be used in the first batch of the day. I was soon joined by Karl who was quickly busy at work mixing more dough and converting the recipe from measures to weights in order to process each batch of bread more quickly. Karl has given me much needed insight into the efficient operation of a kitchen, and have been more fortunate to have been joined by his friend Tom, from whom Karl has learned much about baking. The oven has been performing wonderfully and the bread is better with each run. It is hard not to notice Harrisburg’s skyline and the surrounding countryside from this vantage point. Despite her present troubles, Harrisburg is a wonderful city, and I have no doubt that her best years are yet to come! I have heard nothing but high praise about the museum from all the visitors that have stopped by to talk with me. I am especially pleased when a city resident tells me how much they enjoy a visit to the museum, because the museum is a reflection of the best the city has to offer and that is saying a lot. I’m done for the night; I have put a pot roast in the Dutch oven and am looking forward to that and a good night’s sleep in my quarters.

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