April 30, 2012

Rather chily this morning, but still managed to get up at six and fire the oven. Tom is coming today; he has volunteered to mix dough while I tend to the oven; he has a reputation as one of the best bakers in the region, and that is back up by two prior generations of bakers in his family; his grandfather running a bakery with a wood fired oven. I am getting a condensed education in bread baking right from the horses mouth. The bread produced by the oven has steadily increased in quality and quantity over the past week and the number of loaves continues to increase. Tom and I tried to bake the first batch of the day on a high heat, but it did not work out so well and was a bit crispy. The children from the Camp Curtin Day Care and their teachers came by today and watched the bread go into the oven, and sampled some when the bread came out. It is always nice to have them come up to the museum, bigger smiles are hard to find! At the end of the day, 52 loaves of bread have been baked today. Tom helped me mix the pre-ferment for tomorrow’s bread. It’s a little overcast today, I think it is supposed to rain tonight.

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