Journal Entry, Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

This morning at 3:00 while it was raining loudly on the cabin roof, I remembered that I had not brought any firewood into the tent to keep dry, so I got dressed and ventured out in the rain. I gathered armloads of wood, leaving them in the tent to dry for use in the oven chambers. At six, I was able to fire the ovens with little trouble. The tricky part is to mix the flour, raise the dough, form the loaves, proof the loaves and then bake the loaves, while at the same time ensuring that the oven chambers are at the correct tempature, the ashes raked out and the hearth swabed at the same time the dough is ready, but doing it four times with the batches overlapping each other.

Today I was pretty much on my own, except for Mike who would come in for a few hours in the afternoon. …I’m glad he did because I was running all over the place and needed someone to watch the fires. It all worked out and by late afternoon, 72 loaves of bread had been produced.

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