Final Journal Entry, May 5, 2012

May 5, 2012

My adventure in the commissary has come to an end, and I have made it through unscathed, for the most part.  I awoke at the usual hour this morning but did not light the fires or mix the dough. Instead, I reflected on the past two weeks. I thought of the people I had met and the things I had accomplished. Although I fell somewhat short of my grandious dream of 1, 400 loaves, I did bake over 500. I had never baked a loaf in my life, and now I can do it proficiently in a wood fired brick oven that I built…not too bad.

I look foward to many more loaves of bread and many other delicious creations in those ovens that have had their baptism of fire by my hand and stood the test. After my discharge, I traveled to Gettysburg to have my likeness taken in the form of a tintype at Gibson’s studio. I hope you will see it on the Museum’s website.

Thank you to all the sponsors of In Their Footsteps and especially to those that have donated to the cause, which will go toward building a better Education Department here at the Museum and providing a wonderful experience for students that visit in person or via Skype. I hope to hear from all of you throughout the year and during our next adventure In Their Footsteps!

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